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Arizona Water Pumping Decision Threatens Millions of Birds, Group Charges 1 TWEETS

American Bird Conservancy has called on Arizona Governor Janice Brewer to overturn the decision by the Arizona Department of Water Resources that approved a groundwater pumping plan that runs the risk of drying a southern Arizona river, the San Pedro, par

Study Documents Dramatic New Impacts to Birds from Outdoor Cats 1 TWEETS

A new study from British scientists has documented for the first time, significant new impacts to birds from outdoor cats, reporting that even brief appearances of cats near avian nest sites leads to at least a doubling in lethal nest predation of eggs an

Birds, Bees, and Aquatic Life Threatened by Gross Underestimate of Toxicity of World's Most Widely Used Pesticide 2 TWEETS

As part of a study on impacts from the world's most widely used class of insecticides, nicotine-like chemicals called neonicotinoids, American Bird Conservancy has called for a ban on their use as seed treatments and for the suspension of all applications


Florida Legislature Poised to Approve Public Cat Hoarding 1 TWEETS

Despite public opposition, the Florida legislature is moving towards approving legislation that would authorize the public hoarding of cats by feral cat activists, in the face of potential public health and property value impacts, as well as predicted hig

Fifth International Partners in Flight Meeting Set for Utah, August 25 – 28 1 TWEETS

The premier bird conservation meeting for the Americas, previously held only four times since 1990 and organized under the multi-partner bird conservation organization, Partners in Flight, is scheduled for August 25 28, 2013 in?Snowbird, Utah. This year痴

History Made as Peep Repeats as American Bird Conservancy Bird of The Week – Split Into Four Species 2 TWEETS

American Bird Conservancy, bowing to a tidal wave of public opinion, has declared the Peep to be this year's Easter bird of the week, and has further announced it is to be split into four bird species. The reselection of last year's choice was based on po

EPA to Exterminate Some d-CON Rat Poisons 1 TWEETS

The US Environmental Protection Agency today figuratively flipped the advertising slogan "Get Out" used by d-CON rat-poison manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser right back at them by announcing the Federal Government's intention to ban the sale of 12

Outdoor Cats: Single Greatest Source of Human-Caused Mortality for Birds and Mammals, Says New Study 1 TWEETS

A new peer-reviewed study published today and authored by scientists from two of the world's leading science and wildlife organizations the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has found that bird and mammal


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to List Hummingbird as Endangered 1 TWEETS

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to list as endangered the Honduran Emerald hummingbird, a species endemic to five small valleys in Honduras and whose population is estimated to be fewer than 1,500 and decreasing.">

Bird of the Week, December 21, 2012, Resplendent Quetzal 1 TWEETS

The Resplendent Quetzal, considered one of the world's most beautiful birds, sports shimmering plumage of brilliant metallic blues, greens, and reds. Males also sport a crest of bristly golden-green feathers. During mating season, male quetzals grow elong

First Conservation Assessment of All American Birds Shows More Than a Third Need Help 1 TWEETS

A new study on the conservation status of American birds completed by American Bird Conservancy is the first ever published to include the full range of bird diversity in all 50 U.S. states and dependent territories. The study finds that more than one thi

Thousand-Turbine Wyoming Wind Development on Track to become Country’s Biggest Eagle Killer Says Bird Group 2 TWEETS

"This is a very troubling decision. From the incomplete impact analysis to blatantly bad siting, the Chokecherry Sierra Madre Wind Project violates a plethora of the most basic principles of environmentally sound wind power production. This project

Study Finds Free-Roaming Cats Pose Threat from "Serious Public Health Diseases" 1 TWEETS

A study published in the peer-reviewed public health journal, Zoonoses and Public Health, has found that free-roaming cats pose a threat from "serious public health diseases" to humans, domestic animals, and wildlife">

Bird of the Week, September 7, 2012, Palkachupa Cotinga 1 TWEETS

This beautiful cotinga has a distinctive long, forked tail, dark mask, bright yellow-orange throat, and pale yellow underparts patterned with black barring and spotting. Males and females appear similar. This species feeds by flycatching in the forest can

Expedition Captures 26 Rare Millerbirds, Releases Them Safely at New Home on Remote Hawaiian Island 1 TWEETS

The second phase of an ambitious and historic effort to save one of the United States' rarest bird species from extinction reached another milestone as a group of 26 Millerbirds captured on Nihoa Island was released by biologists on the northwestern Hawai

"KittyCam" Reveals High Levels of Wildlife Being Killed by Outdoor Cats 4 TWEETS

A new study of house cats allowed to roam outdoors finds that nearly one-third succeeded in capturing and killing animals. The cats, which wore special video cameras around their necks that recorded their outdoor activities, killed an average of 2.1 anima

Bird of the Week, July 20, 2012, Black-capped Vireo 1 TWEETS

The Black-capped Vireo is a dapper-looking small bird with a dark head set off by white lores and eye ring, giving it a spectacled appearance. The bird's red eyes are also distinctive. It is a habitat specialist, preferring areas that have been recently b

New Study Finds that Bird Ingestion of Plastic in U.S./Canadian North Pacific Among Highest in the World 5 TWEETS

A new study by U.S. and Canadian scientists has found that seabirds may be eating much more plastic trash than they have in the past, and that seabirds studied off the coast of Washington State and British Columbia are ingesting plastic at rates that are


Cats Indoors 6 TWEETS

There is no question that birds are better off when cats stay indoors. Exact numbers are unknown, but scientists estimate that every year in the United States alone, cats kill hundreds of millions of birds, and more than a billion small mammals, including

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