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[INSIGHT] Fun Facts about Kang Sora ~ | WGM Leeteuk and Kang Sora 1 TWEETS

I’ve been digging Sora’s old news and reading through all her tweet posts for the past few weeks. But I find it hard to translate all those and come up with this extra facts list instead. 1. She really loves bread so much to the point that she desires to

[NEWS] Kang Sora’s Dress, Uncoventional Exposure of Top and Bottom, Perfect Body of ‘Bagel Lady’ | WGM Leeteuk and Kang Sora 3 TWEETS

Kang Sora’s red carpet dress during MBC Entertainment Award became the talk of the town. The red carpet event for the ’2012 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award’ took place at MBC Centre in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeouido, Seoul on the evening of last 29th December

[GIF] Teuk lovely exercise with Sora before army | WGM Leeteuk and Kang Sora 7 TWEETS

cr: leeteukismylife I make the tittle , yes we know since Teuk wanna join to military, he begin to prepare his strength and one of enjoy exercise is to hold and lift Sora, hahahaha..I bet he will remember this scene when he practice in army too.. VinniE

[GIF] Leeteuk to Sora : “Don’t be nervous..” | WGM Leeteuk and Kang Sora 5 TWEETS

111231 We Got Married Christmas Special Episode : the love message : “Don’t be nervous.. Relax and say what you want to say..” even 1 year after..he always be same to Sora ^^..perfectly caring husband >__< 121229 MBC Entertainment Awards Leeteuk’s s

[INSIGHT] Dimple Couple hints on Kang Sora Photos Gallery « WGM Leeteuk and Sora 5 TWEETS

Do you think the same with me? In this photo Sora make a glass of Iced Chocolate..that’s Leeteuk’s favorite drink right ^^? since we know in Dimple Couple Episode 5 when Leeteuk can’t drink Americano..Sora-ssi, are you thinking of him >___<?  On som

[VIDEO] 121004 Kang Sora on BIFF red carpet | WGM Leeteuk and Sora 4 TWEETS

cr: joannelee032 cr: THESTAR thanks Samantha and Xave Chan for the tip ^^! she’s amazing beautifully ^^!! VinniE

[NEWS] 120924 Kang So Ra like never before | WGM Leeteuk and Sora 1 TWEETS

Actress Kang So Ra displays grace and elegance. Kang So Ra has recently participated in a photo shoot with ‘InStyle’ magazine under the concept ‘Lady on the Red Carpet’, and fitting to the concept she showed off many glamorous looks. Kang So Ra is current


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