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Broken Mirrors – Episode 1 | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

For Kibati. Tooooot! Tooooot! The trailer’s blaring horn cut rudely into Awazi’s thoughts. “Oh my days!” she exclaimed. Today, of all the immeasurable number of days in time, Lagos-Ibadan expressway had chosen to be the meeting point of the world union of

Yobe Kopa | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

In exactly one week from now, the debut episode of Broken Mirrors will hit you. Enjoy this short in the meantime. TL I’m Nigerian and one of the things that being Nigerian has taught me is an attitude of thanksgiving. I am thankful when there is power. I

Contextualization of Fiction | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

I have made a grave error. I ran out of insecticide in the midst of fleeting my apartment. So there’s not enough concentration of the insecticide to kill the mosquitoes, but enough to drive them all out of hiding. And they are mad, attacking me with vigou

Tricia’s Nightmare – Episode 11 | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

Christmas is in the air!! So I’ve decided to record a Christmas Song to say thank you to y’all for making this blog the prima donna of Fiction series. I appreciate you very much. So download the song, listen to it, love it, use as your ring tone, share it

Golden Sands – Prologue | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

Once again, thank you for reading Finding Hubby. Here’s a snippet of what to expect from Golden Sands. I would like first and foremost tlsplace readers to get the books before anyone. Between today and Monday 1st of October, please send an email to ajiley

Buying Golden Sands | tlsplace 1 TWEETS

#ClearsThroat. It’s with great pleasure I announce that Golden Sands is now available for sale (dances etighi). If you have enjoyed Finding Hubby (Oyin Clegg) and Tricia’s Nightmare thus far, then you should get a full dose on Golden Sands. There’s a lot

Finding Hubby – Episode 23 « tlsplace 2 TWEETS

I shouted from inside my house “Femi, go away! I don’t ever want to see you again. And if you came back because you are feeling bad and want to apologize, it’s not needed. Just go!” “Calm down Oyin!” Gloria shouted me down, and for some reason I cannot un

Flora – Fifth Petal – Timing « tlsplace 1 TWEETS

The first critical thing that stands between the fulfillment of your purpose and your present potential is process and we have discussed that. The second thing that you cannot dodge is time. You must pass through time to get into your future. You can’t sk

Finding Hubby – Episode 19 « tlsplace 1 TWEETS

We watched as Toke struggled with telling us who Olumide was and my fears about him instantly skyrocketed. I hoped Toke wasn’t pregnant for some married man. The most intelligent ladies do the silliest things at times, when you least expect it. “I met Olu

Finding Hubby – Episode 18 « tlsplace 2 TWEETS

The question that keeps running through my mind is this – which is better, the one that is married and is unhappy in the marriage or the one who is longing for marriage and hasn’t found hubby? That, people is the million dollar question. Internally, I tha

Finding Hubby – Episode 3 « tlsplace 1 TWEETS

Gloria sent me a bbm that they were leaving The Marquee for Aura. It read “Off to Aura. Enjoy en, and be ready to spill all the details. You’ve gotten the iPad, but I’ll still get dem shoes. #bbdevilsmiley#”. Ha! I was so keeping my shoes in some bank vau

Finding Hubby – Episode 2 « tlsplace 1 TWEETS

I quickly gathered myself together and smiled very charmingly, hoping to disarm him. “Hi Kalu”, I said. I was expecting him to go into a series of questions accusing me of lying to him and all, when she came up to him. Inside my inner mind, green envy beg

Flora – First Petal – STRATEGIC POSITIONING « tlsplace 1 TWEETS

“I promised to start something new on the blog today if I got 100aiis on twitter.  Didn’t quite get 100, managed 85. In appreciation of those 85 people, here’s Flora, my thoughts as I looked at some really beautiful flowers. I’ll post these on Wednesdays

Finding Hubby – Episode 17 « tlsplace 6 TWEETS

Let me explain. Gloria is one of those light complexioned Ibo girls that cannot enter a place without being noticed. It’s one of the reasons we call her Glo (apart from the other obvious one ). If you hold her too much on one spot, the skin of that spot w

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