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@MittRomney twitter supporters claim “Muslim Season” is about to begin | 9 TWEETS

  What are you to do?  Your trailer is in need of repair, your meth mouth has got you down, and your local KKK has disbanded and gone all ‘virtual’ on you.  You dream of ‘muslim season’ – that is what … Continue reading →


By choosing Paul Ryan as his VP, Romney has solidified his Base and doomed the GOP for a Generation | 1 TWEETS

The importance of the Paul Ryan budget cannot be understated.  It is the biggest and most defining document for the GOP in a generation.  It might not only decide the current presidential election, but it has the potential to change … Continue reading →

Mitt Romney Campaign Busted Buying Hundreds of Thousands of Facebook LIKES and Twitter Followers | 7 TWEETS

Twitter The Mitt Romney became extremely popular on Twitter on the 20th of July.  How?  They began buying twitter followers. In fact, his account started adding followers at a rate of 25 per second. Before the 20th of July, Romney’s typical … Continue rea

Facebook being Flooded with GOP Spam Accounts – Rise of the FacePatriots? | 2 TWEETS

It seems since Digg has pretty much died, Facebook has become the main hub for right-wing spammers.  As the election grows closer, these ‘FacePatriots’ are making a push to swing popular opinion to their point of view by leaving thousands … Continue readi

US Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs in July | 2 TWEETS

Today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.  It is critical that we continue the policies that build an economy that works for the middle class … Co

Why would Farmers Support a Party that doesn’t Acknowledge Climate Change? | 3 TWEETS

Not only do the Republicans not acknowledge climate change, over at GOP Headquarters (a.k.a. FoxNews), they are telling viewers that we are headed into the next ice age.  The GOP and FoxNews are willing to say that ‘simple’ ‘provable science’ is some … Co

TSA Outrage – GOP Fodder for the Uninformed | 1 TWEETS

I have one word for all you people dumb enough to be offended by the TSA for violating your freedoms – Greyhound. I was amused to see a blog entry on the site of Breitbart dingleberry Dana Lo...

The British Press Declare that Mitt Romney is ‘worse than Sarah Palin’ | 7 TWEETS

If you have not heard, Mitt Romney has gone overseas.  He has been in the UK for the last several days.  In that short period fo time he has been able to both insult the British readiness to host the olympics but also the British people ‘ability

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll – 7/19 – 25/12 | 2 TWEETS

Based on a 7-day rolling average. N=approx. 3,050 registered voters nationwide. Margin of error ± 2. 46%   Obama (-1) 46%   Romney (+1) Romney closes the gap to tie Obama.

GOP Trying to Steal Elections through Voter ID Laws – Can You Still Vote? | 3 TWEETS

Mike Turzai bragged about how Voter ID laws in Pennsylvania were created to deliver the state to Romney and have nothing to do with voter fraud.  In fact, Republican insiders are so pleased with th...


It’s Clintonomics vs Bush Trickle-Down, Stupid! | 1 TWEETS

The Obama campaign is enjoying a ten-day run of controlling the political conversation.  The ‘Bain Argument’ is arguably the first issue the Obama team has been able to clearly articula...

The GOP’s very lame “The Government Doesn’t Build Businesses” FB Like | 1 TWEETS

and Job Creators don’t create jobs apparently… Dear GOP: Obama never said this.  Besides making shit up that dumb people believe, do you have anything?  Anything at all? Sincerely yours...


GOP Brags how Voter ID Laws will Deliver Pennsylvania to Romney | 7 TWEETS

Mike Turzai bragged about how Voter ID laws in Pennsylvania were created to deliver the state to Romney and have nothing to do with voter fraud.  In fact, Republican insiders are so pleased with th...

Desperate ‘Obama Conspiracies’ Flooding Social Media | 5 TWEETS

Are you a gun nut?  We have a conspiracy for you! Jesus freak?  Yep, got you covered too.   What if your just a good ol’ fashioned racist?  Gotcha! Sound strange?  Nope, just a typical day at...


Video of Mitt Romney Explaining and Defending the Personal Mandate Goes Viral | 1 TWEETS

From Personal Responsibility to Socialism in the blink of a Primary. Here is the viral video. Not the viral one – but another video of him in full support of what he now says is the first thi...

The Three Big Lies Romney told Ohio | 3 TWEETS

The fundamental base of Romney’s argument against Obama’s handling  of the economy are built on lies.  These are not differences of opinion or two different ways of looking at the same thing. Real, bonafide, ‘Google it and find a different set of facts’ …

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