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George Osborne Must Abdicate « sturdyblog 1 TWEETS

I have crunched the economic growth figures and have found the following. The UK came out of the deep recession related to the start of the financial crisis here in the  third quarter of 2009. Since then the economy grew by an estimated 1.715% in total un

Could you move your giant kebab? I can’t see the pole-vaulting. « sturdyblog 2 TWEETS

I had a little look at the list of things one cannot take into the Olympics. I laughed; I cried; I shouted at my monitor. I thought I would share some of the corkers with you. First, we have the list of Prohibited Items. These are absolute no-no’s. The li

Some Racism, It Seems, Is Acceptable « sturdyblog 1 TWEETS

The following article was written by me and published in The Huffington Post on 6th January 2012. ____________________________ The other day I got into a taxi with my mother, who is visiting for th...

Osborne’s Plan A (Beta v.4.021) « sturdyblog 7 TWEETS

Feeling confused about the Chancellor’s economic policy? You’re probably not clever enough. ______________________________________________________________ Thursday evening saw the Chancellor’s joint announcement with Mervyn King of two more stimulus packa

A Quasi-Disgraced Government « sturdyblog 21 TWEETS

The truth of the Hunt affair is buried in a lot of waffle. Sturdyblog clarifies.   After the bunting has come down and the union jacks have become just colourful litter, after the last cake on the last stand has been sold, cut-price for being as stale as

GOTCHA! « sturdyblog 1524 TWEETS

There’s always a mixture of frustration and glee when mainstream media miss the blindingly obvious, leaving a lowly blogger like me to point it out. Most have focussed on Andy Coulson’s lack of security clearance and BSkyB shares &

Aye, Murdoched. « sturdyblog 41 TWEETS

You would be forgiven for thinking the last twenty-four hours have been a political spoof of Taggart, in which a grumpy Alex Salmond wanders from crime scene to crime scene, discovering bodies of Politicians and Special Advisors and exclaims “Th

The Ageing Population Fallacy « sturdyblog 220 TWEETS

If enough people repeat an opinion often enough, it mutates into a credible theory. If enough people continue to endorse the theory, it becomes an axiom. And so, our brains go lazy and dull and we cease to question the assumptions and logic behind it.We h

This May, I Will Be Voting for Ken. This Is Why. « sturdyblog 1 TWEETS

Contrary to what regular readers might believe, I am not a card-carrying member of the Labour party. Or any party. True, the Coalition has been the primary focus of my criticism, but this is a mere function of the fact they are currently in power. Why wou

The Tories and The Cannibals; A Joke, Revisited « sturdyblog 1 TWEETS

Having observed how this government – and particularly Secretary for Foot in Mouth, Francis Maude – deal with the unions to avert crises, I am reminded of a joke. I have taken the liber...

Why Would The Government Want You to Panic? « sturdyblog 17 TWEETS

This government continues to astound. Today, they have managed the impossible: to cause petrol shortages without any actual strike.The height of incompetence some might argue – with some confidence. And, naturally, this is perfect diversion from

The Case of The Duplicitous Mr. Lansley « sturdyblog 4 TWEETS

“You fill me with interest,” said Holmes. “Pray give us the essential facts from the commencement, and I can afterwards question you as to those details which seem to me to be most important.” (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Five Orange Pips) The

The C-Word « sturdyblog 1 TWEETS

corruption /kəˈrʌpʃ(ə)n/ [mass noun]: 1. dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. I am grateful to Peter Cruddas. I am grateful to him for unwittingly pulling off the sticky plaster and exposing this gaping political

Beautiful Thing « sturdyblog 75 TWEETS

Last night I observed a beautiful thing. I wanted to share it with you, since we’re surrounded by ugly.I was walking down a fairly empty South London street. It was nearly midnight. Just in front of me, a rubbish compactor truck pulled over. Two

We need to talk about Ivan « sturdyblog 67 TWEETS

I beg your indulgence. Resist the urge to take the understandable, but impetuous, position that a dead child should not be the subject of conversation in any context. Hear me out.Ivan Reginald Ian was born in April 2002. He was diagnosed with Ohtahara Syn

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Chris Grayling; Remedial Student « sturdyblog 11 TWEETS

I attach, below, the open letter Chris Grayling sent to Polly Toynbee on #workfare, corrected. This Government seems determined to treat us like children. This is especially evident whenever Cameron adopts that vile let-me-tell-you-a-story voice, as if he

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