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Hard at work? According to numerous studies one of the most persistent male fantasies is to have sex with someone at work. Sweep everything off the desk...sneak into the conference room with that b...

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ResourcesBelow is a listing of hotlines, helplines, informational phone numbers, and websites to use when you need some help.(A note: to the best of our knowledge these numbers and URLs are current and accurate, although not all of them have been individu

Boner Size: How Many Guys Have What « SecretGuyStuff's Blog 8 TWEETS

The following is a look at statistics collected by LifeStyles regarding average penis length and girth (circumference). LifeStlyes, as you probably know is a leading manufacturer of condoms. So, guess they know what they are talking about.The following ch

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This video is making the rounds on the Internet and I’m glad. It’s called “What’s Going On” and subtitled “I’m not going to kill myself. I just need to get this out here.” App


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