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Cops Find Loaded Gun, Heroin & Weed On Raid Of Nelly's Tour Bus | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 386 TWEETS

Nelly was detained in Texas last night after a police raid found heroin, weed and a loaded pistol aboard the rapper's tour bus.



Nicki Minaj Is Not Registered To Vote | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 295 TWEETS

Nicki Minaj is not registered to vote in any of the three states she's lived in.



Shawty Lo & His 10 Baby Mamas To Appear On Oxygen Network Reality Show? [VIDEO] | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 231 TWEETS

A show called All My Babies' Mamas about Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and his 10 baby mothers is allegedly making it onto television's across America, and the world.



Magna Carta Samsung Downloads Won't Count On Charts For Jay-Z | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 225 TWEETS

Jay-Z may have to wait on Platinum status if SoundScan upholds rule not to count the 1 million downloads of Magna Carta Holy Grail by Samsung as official sales



Cee-Lo Announces New Solo & Goodie Mob Albums | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 208 TWEETS

Cee-Lo announced a new Solo album called ”EVERYBODY’S BROTHER” and an upcoming Goodie Mob Album, “AGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.



Kanye West Launches Writing & Production Program For At-Risk Chicago Youth | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 207 TWEETS

Kanye West announces 10-week music & production program for at-risk youth in Chicago. Got Bars will be directed by Che Rhymefest Smith



B.G. Sentenced To 14 Years For Felony Gun Possession | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 173 TWEETS

Rapper B.G. has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on felony gun possession, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.



UPS Is Hiring: 9 Signs You Are A Struggle Rapper | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 173 TWEETS

Here are 9 signs you are a struggle rapper. If you are guilty of these behaviors, consider cutting your losses, putting the mic down and getting a job.



Spike Lee On J. Cole & The Illuminati [VIDEO] | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 166 TWEETS

Spike Lee has a healthy dose of respect for the new generation of MCs; particularly J. Cole.



Rapper Lil Boosie Is Not Dead | Hip-Hop Wired hiphopwired.com 164 TWEETS

Rumors of the Lil' Boosie's death have been greatly exaggerated. Boosie Bad Azz is the latest rapper to get prematurely killed via Twitter.



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