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Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog: Holiday Facebook Marketing Tip: Launch an Advent Calendar! 24 TWEETS

At Wildfire, we are always hard at work designing beautiful and functional Facebook page template designs so that our clients have the richest and most compelling choice of interactive pages to offer users. We have over 100 different options, including ap

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog: 6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Ace the Holidays 39 TWEETS

The holiday season is the perfect time to rev up your brand’s social media marketing strategy. Consumers are buzzing with holiday spirit (especially the spirit of giving and receiving...and the shopping that goes with it). They’re ligh

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog: A New Turn for Wildfire Promotions 51 TWEETS

Five years ago, we were a team of two, working out of our apartment and creating a way for businesses to run promotions on social media. Today we’re a team of hundreds, and we offer businesses a suite of products to help them manage all of their

Five Best Practices for Effective and Efficient Social Messaging | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 4 TWEETS

The best way to create and foster lasting conversations is with effective messaging. We’ve put together five tips for how you can effectively create, optimize, and manage your brand’s social media messages to fans and followers by using a platform tool li

18 Easy & Effective Tips to Grow your Fans via Facebook Ads | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 319 TWEETS

The best way to gain new fans on Facebook is via Facebook Ads coupled with a promotion. Learn how to run Facebook ads effectively in this post!

Wildfire in the Press: VentureBeat Comes to the Office | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 5 TWEETS

VentureBeat sends journalist Jolie O'Dell to Wildfire's HQ to meet with Victoria Ransom, CEO, and get a sense for the culture at Wildfire. Her account of the experience is a great portrayal of life at Wildfire.


7 Things Every Marketer Needs to be Doing on LinkedIn | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 17 TWEETS

Wildfire is hosting a free webinar with two LinkedIn experts, Brian Carter and Lana Khavinson, on August 30th. Attendees will learn the 7 things every marketer needs to be doing on LinkedIn.

Is it the end of the Facebook "fan" as we know it? | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 27 TWEETS

Wildfire CEO Victoria Ransom says it is, in this article originally published at Ransom takes the position that this industry is still lacking the technology necessary for brands to build real personal relationships in social media.

Wildfire's New Look and Feel | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 7 TWEETS

Wildfire is releasing an updated user-interface look and feel on August 15th. Read more about the goals of the new look and feel.

3 Ways Marketers Can Expand Reach with Mobile Social Media Marketing | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 2 TWEETS

Half of all Facebook users access the social network using their mobile devices. Learn 3 ways to extend your brand's reach to to users in all their preferred network ecosystems.


[VIDEO] Wondering how the Wildfire team found out about the Google news? | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 1 TWEETS

So how did the employees at Wildfire find out about the Google acquisition of the company? In probably the coolest, most touching video ever. Watch here.


Wildfire is Joining Google! | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 43 TWEETS

Four years ago, we set out on a journey to make social media marketing easier and more effective. Today, we're announcing that we're joining Google!


Wildfire Social Marketing Suite 2.0 Launches | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 1 TWEETS

Wildfire announces Wildfire Social Marketing Suite 2.0, which introduces some exciting new capabilities for clients. The new website provides more in-depth information, but here are a few highlights.

Why Social Marketing will Deliver a Positive ROI for your Brand | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 7 TWEETS

Wildfire released a free report to help marketers better understand how social media delivers on real business objectives, and how to get the most value, and highest ROI, from your social marketing efforts.

Facebook Advertising and the IPO | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 1 TWEETS

Wildfire surveys 650 marketing professionals for their take on the efficacy on Facebook advertising, perhaps the biggest driver of Facebook's valuation leading up to its IPO.

Wildfire and Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 4 TWEETS

Wildfire has strong product integrations into Google (YouTube), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The variety of developer programs and integrations are outlined here.


What works on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—and why one size does not fit all | Wildfire Social Media Marketing Blog 7 TWEETS

Join Wildfire for a free webinar about best practices for advertising across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What works and what doesn't differ across each network— join us to learn how you can optimize your campaigns for success.

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